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Experts predict 2016 enterprise mobility trends

Mobile apps, the Internet of Things and “comfortable computing” are primed to dominate the industry next year. The past year has seen a lot of talk about mobilizing enterprise apps and developing well-rounded management strategies. There have been some big new devices and…

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Mobile marketing tips from the experts

Originally posted to The Guardian Berit Block, director of marketing EMEA, DataXu Measure mobile more accurately Three in five UK adults access the internet through their mobiles, meaning brands must measure their mobile performance more effectively. The problem is that results are difficult…

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What will the workplace of the future look like? – webchat roundup

How will tech affect working practices? Darren Goldie, chief development officer, Havas Media We are in the middle of an enormous shift, but collaboration is more than technology-based. Tech will certainly impact outsourcing and multi-geographical workgroups. Benjamin Robbins, joint chief executive officer, Palador…

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Tweet Chat #mobilebiz – Mobile Security

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Apple’s desire to serve ads based on our financial data would be a social disaster

Last week, Apple filed a patent for a novel type of ad format that will only serve ads to users “for goods and services which particular users can afford.” Apple will provide a system that resides on your phone that has access to…

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