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Apple’s desire to serve ads based on our financial data would be a social disaster

Last week, Apple filed a patent for a novel type of ad format that will only serve ads to users “for goods and services which particular users can afford.” Apple will provide a system that resides on your phone that has access to…

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Tweet Chat #mobilebiz – Mobile Security

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10 Mobile Influencers You Should Follow

Originally posted on June 16th 2015 – Tapglue.com Staying on top of the latest developments in the mobile market is core to be successful. Learning about the latest trends, participating in discussions about the future and knowing the hottest new technologies is necessary to…

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Windows Will Win Your Heart by Not Caring

Microsoft had a banner day of announcements yesterday on day one of their annual developer conference, aptly called Build, in San Francisco. The announcements ranged from the ability to run Android and iOS apps on Windows 10, to a free development environment for…

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What can business learn from IT security at the White House?

There is a clear distinction in objective between a for-profit corporation and for-the-people government agency. This is especially true when it comes to trying to compare a business to one of the highest profile governmental offices in the US, the White House. But…

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